Monday, May 21, 2012

who knew mee kias were that vulgar?

I'm embarrassed by my lack of motivation. Firstly, to come back to this space. Note I'm using "this space" and not this "blog", this "website", ma "crib" and what have you. I've come to respect the little confines of this space and the comfort it brings me somehow. Plus, I'm somehow glad that the readership here is kept to the minimum (except the loyal ones HAH). Secondly, the lack of motivation to what I've been working so hard for. Frankly, I need to be hit in the head. HARD. Okay, I meant it figuratively. However, the way my thoughts and emotions have swayed with regards to this puts my efforts and hard work to shame. I've certainly taken much for granted, and the worse thing is that I'm so comfortably aware of it. Perhaps the hell hole will do me good when I return.

The past 5 months have been more than comfortable. I mean, at least for my "paygrade" like many in there like to say. But I'm glad I've had time to think and plan, with the help of a very, very genuine mentor. Life really isn't that long. The fact that the hipsters go "I'm gonna live my life as each day comes" just makes it all the more worrying. I mean, we live somehow to work, which is ironic but true. So don't you think you should make good use of this "work" and turn it into something that you thoroughly enjoy, something you get to practice and get so good at it that it becomes a hobby? In my humble opinion, I would think that would be the ideal career (we should refrain from the word job no?). Thus, I would really encourage everyone out there to find something you  love and are so passionate about, pursue whatever it may be, be good at it, and enjoy the process of it all. Cos at the end of the day, you are only as happy as you make yourself out to be. It may not pay you that well, it may not buy you a luxurious sea facing condo, and it may not get you the latest flashy sports car, but what it will get you is happiness. If it doesn't make you happy, you will need to rethink your priorities.... and probably what in the world you're exactly passionate about.

Frankly, I'm probably gonna be an irony of this. HAH

Saturday, September 24, 2011

When The Lights Come On

It's certainly been a while once again, but the air smells fresher, the coffee tastes better and you see more smiles at last.

The past few weeks have been nothing short of exciting, frustrating, and also fun. ESPECIALLY the longing for home cooked food!(: hahah. But I'll make do. Not that I'm complaining really.

So much anticipation for flying whenever we see our beloved aircraft fly ever so gracefully around our base. It's funny how our awestruck faces will soon turn to those found in the offices of financial institutions during the economic recession.

Really do hope everyone's doing fine. Give me a shout out if I'm missed people!(:

Friday, June 10, 2011

physiology and soccer

Life has been relatively interesting. Being deprived of oxygen deceiving your vestibular system proved to be more fun than expected. Next up! The human training centrifuge!!!!

I seem to lack sleep. No, make that plenty of sleep. Will fix that this weekend. And the girlfriend has been the sweetest thing, jean-phillipe macaroons, my favourite extra large packet of percy pigs(not the piglets) and all kinds of little treats.

But this has all taken its toll unfortunately. So, the coming week will be to make up for loss time, and for gained weight. Godspeed

Monday, May 09, 2011

guilty as charged.

throughout this absence i've had rather reasonable excuses, but now, i think it's time that i start appreciating the certain space i have here. and knowing at there would always be at LEAST two loyal readers. yes abang, you're one of them.

the whole time i have been away from here, i would occasionally feel a certain constraint in the freedom i have to make certain comments. for fear of being judged (who isn't), for fear of being charged (again who isn't) and for many other reasons i too am not sure of. but whatever it is, i am pretty positive that i have taken flying goggles for granted.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

indeed it was how a weekend should be

before i proceed i must thank my abang cong wen, for it seems he has been a loyal follower of this space (since he always pokes fun with relations to my posts hhahaha), but it's always nice to know that there are a few persons out there who would take or waste their time to read whatever's here. i like a small audience in this case. haha. and yes my dear, YOU're my biggest fan :D

so anyway the weekend was more than great, i mean bali's always pretty nice. but the itinerary lived up to it's hype and i definitely had my fair share of fun. white water rafting, bali treetop adventure and SURFING were the highlights and are certainly must tries if you ever head to bali i must say. can't wait for jonathan's adventure company to be up and running. i would love to call myself a loyal follower when the time comes!!

anywayyyy photos are a handful, quite actually. so all in due time. hopefully the girlfriend finds time to send them to me. that's if studying doesn't snatch her away!(:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the ladies behind me

hahah. it's been terribly long and i must say i do not have an exceptionally good excuse for the absence. but then again, it's not like there are readers. i do hope i'm wrong. LOL.

was nudged into working in august and here i am back in an office environment slogging it out the data entry way! dang. thankfully time has passed fast enough for me to stop soon. really looking forward to the trip this thursday! not cause of the destination, but more of the activities lined up in the itinerary. if wifi's available i will try to post some pictures.

with approximately a month before i obediently serve my nation, i say i'm pretty game for it. being overly enthusiastic and prepared are seperate matters altogether, but i feel the wait has been too long to not feel either of the two. almost 9 months the wait has been!! omg. it's been really fast though, and i think the only regret i have is missing the opportunity to learn how to ride a motorcycle. HAH. doubt that would've materialised anyway.

and did i mention? THANK the heavens for the resumption of How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl and The Big Bang Theory!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

doesn't get any better

seriously, whoever (or whatever) is reading this space, take a look at this. i can almost swear i couldn't agree more. ok fine, i hereby swear it's just so true. REALLY!

world cup really kicks the ass out of the laziest craps in the world. or do they just stay home to watch on cable? anyway, all the late night matches have been absolutely worth catching and going "ooooh", "aahhhh", or even "GOALLLLL!!!" hasn't felt so good. i guess doing it only once every 4 years does make it worth while. GO SPAIN!

Friday, July 02, 2010

game on?

life has been pretty much, well, exactly how it is. in other words; never predictable. but still we move on aye?

there's always something that'll cheer us up! or someone!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

laugh. you need it

sigh i miss this placeee.

but anyway, something fun for now. click on the pictures if you cant view them properly. blogger HAS to be problematic when it comes to resolutions. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

shoot to thrill!

caught iron man 2 last monday if my memory serves me rightly, and boy was it really really cool. i mean ok, it's (almost) every boy's fantasy to be like iron man. i mean, c'mon, cool suit, weapons, FLYING who doesn't right? but somehow i find the iron man franchise so far pretty realistic if i may say, like it isn't the fairytale story of a simple good-wins-bad-fullstop kinda thing you know? plus i had good company watching so perhaps that's a viewing enhancement! hahha.

on the topic of movies, watched ip man 2 too. and yes cool stuff as well. it's a shame there're gonna be a few movies who're gonna ride on the ip man franchise. different directors and different ip mans. weirddddd. whyyyyy. tony leung? SERIOUSLY!? hahah

new awesome song: THUNDERSTRUCK by AC/DC
check it out people!